22.5.2011 UPDATE

Here are the results!



You're all welcome to join the band.
We want to make music with every one of you.

The plan is to cover some of the most popular Finnish songs ever.
Let's sing and play together the top 3 of the greatest Finnish
schlager songs
as voted by the listeners of YLE Radio Suomi in 2006!

(OOPS! The video's gone . . . I'll do my best to find a new one!)

With 21.9% of all the votes the winner was Hopeinen kuu ('Silver Moon'),
originally not a Finnish song at all. Like many other popular songs in
Finland, it got here from Italy. The original title is 'Guarda Che
Luna' and it was written by Gualtiero Malgoni. The Finnish lyrics are
by Reino Helismaa. Olavi Virta, a fellow with one of the most beloved
Finnish voices, recorded the song in 1960. The night seems to be unlike
any other night. Unfortunately the lover's gone and most likely to
be gazing at the moon with someone else.

Hopeinen kuu lyrics in Finnish

Second place went to Satumaa ('Wonderland', 'Land of Dreams'). It's
'the national tango of Finland' composed by Unto Mononen.
The best-known recording is by Reijo Taipale from 1962. It has
been said that Satumaa is the ultimate expression of Finnish longing.
The singer is visualizing an anxiety-free faraway land. The song has
wings, he does not.

Satumaa lyrics in Finnish

(This seems to be blocked as well, so annoying.)

Paratiisi ('Paradise') by singer-songwriter Rauli Badding Somerjoki
came in third. He co-wrote the song with Arja Tiainen and recorded it
in 1973. The key lyrical themes are great: A two-people love retreat.
Celebration of the 'now'. Pillow talk on sand. Switch on a radio in
Finland and you're probably going to hear this song.

Paratiisi lyrics in Finnish



Write to odotanturhaan (at) and
we'll let you know how to get these tracks.

Play or sing along to any or all of these songs. You may play through
the whole song or just do parts of it.

Whatever you end up doing, render your tracks starting from the same
spot as the file of the original song. Mute the base track to only
include your sounds.

Send your files (.aiff/.wav) to us: odotanturhaan (at)

If you don't know how to do any of this maybe you have a friend
who can help you to get started.

We will layer all the recordings received from you. It will sound
amazing. Can't wait to hear what you come up with!

Deadline is the April Fool's Day 2011.